LiftFill – Gas Spring Supplier & Gas Spring Installer

Fits 98% of the vehicle market in South Africa. LiftFill provides fast Gas Spring & Gas Shock Installations in Gauteng.

2 Years Guarantee on Gas Springs.

T's & C's apply
Motor vehicles

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Industrial and commercial applications

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Caravans, trailers and canopies

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Replace or re-gas?

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LiftFill, your dedicated gas spring supplier and installer, takes vehicle performance to the next level with our premium automotive gas springs. As a trusted name in Gas Springs Gauteng, we specialize in seamless installations that ensure optimal functionality. Whether it’s for motor vehicles or industrial applications, our expertise guarantees precision and reliability.

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LiftFill, the preferred gas spring installer in Gauteng, extends our expertise to industrial and commercial setups. As a reputable Gas Spring Supplier, we offer tailored solutions that optimize functionality across various applications. With our meticulous installations, your industrial and commercial systems receive the precision and reliability they demand.

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LiftFill, renowned as a Gas Spring Supplier in Gauteng, specializes in enhancing the efficiency of caravans, trailers, and canopies. Our gas spring installations bring a new level of convenience and ease to these applications, ensuring smooth operation and secure functionality.

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When it comes to gas spring maintenance, LiftFill offers expert guidance as your reliable Gas Spring Supplier in Gauteng. Unsure whether to replace or re-gas your gas springs? Our seasoned Gas Spring Installer team assists you in making informed decisions.

How Automotive Gas Springs & Automotive Gas Shocks Installation Works;

LiftFill, your trusted gas spring supplier and gas spring installer in Gauteng, specializes in seamless automotive gas spring installations. With years of expertise as a gas shock installer, LiftFill ensures precision in every gas spring installation, whether it’s automotive gas springs, car gas shocks, or auto gas springs. Our Gas Springs Gauteng services offer convenience right at your doorstep. Count on LiftFill for top-notch gas spring installation that guarantees optimal functionality and safety for your vehicle’s components.

Nitrogen Automotive Gas Shocks & Automotive Gas Springs Gauteng Applications

Industrial and Mining uses of gas springs

Shop floor applications such as machine guards, conveyor gates and flexarms.

Health care uses ofgas springs

Hospital beds, operating room tables and even tanning beds.

Residential uses of gas springs

Skylights, cupboards, lawn and garden equipment, exercise equipment, awnings and fold-up benches.

Agriculture application

Protecting the vehicle and the operators is a continued expense for the farmer. At Liftfill we supply gas spring for all the agriculture vehicles bonnet hoods, cab windows and doors and wherever there is a gas strut installed to ensure the safety of both operator and machine.

Automotive gas springs

Automotive gas springs serve multiple functions. For example, car engine bonnets, vehicle boots, tonneau covers, Bakkie canopies, Off Road trailers and luggage doors on busses, campers and caravan applications. Choose LiftFill as your Gas Spring & Gas Shock Supplier in Gauteng!

Other Applications

In today’s modern world the gas spring can be found in almost every application. We are also a gas spring supplier for the aviation & boat industry. Basically almost any application where assistance is needed with the opening or closing of a lid or a door. We are your only choice for gas springs!

T’s & C’s Re 2 Year warranty

  1. Warranty is only applicable on non-commercial vehicles, ie standard passenger vehicles used in normal capacity.
  2. Race cars and modifications are not covered.
  3. The warranty is only for the gas spring and does not cover any other damage.
  4. Gas springs used outside of its intended use is not covered.
  5. Gas springs used as not specified is not covered.
  6. No re-gas is covered on the warranty.
  7. Physical abuse and negligent use is not covered.
  8. Agriculture, mining and any other industrial application is not covered.