For all your gas spring requirements

Fits 98% of the vehicle market in South Africa. We will come to you for Quick and easy installations in the Gauteng region.

2 Years Guarantee on gas spring.

T's & C's apply

LiftFill franchise opportunities.

Our brand story

The company started in 2013 after the founder and CEO identified a gap in the retail automotive spares market. He developed a patented machine, that would allow him to supply new gas springs for the automotive market. He soon realised that what he had is a niche product and service. Six years later we are servicing the whole of Gauteng with our mobile service. Our customers and our revenue have grown exponentially. We now have clients ranging from spare shops, workshops, second-hand car dealers, the engineering industry, the mining industry and even civil aviation.

Our goal is to be the only and preferred choice in gas springs in Southern Africa.
Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
What should I know about becoming a franchisee?

The concept is very easy. The potential franchisee should have his own reliable transport preferably a Bakkie, typically it will be an owner operated franchise. You will supply gas springs to the automotive industry in your specific franchise area. That is just the beginning. You will also be able to supply industrial applications, mining and off road applications. Just about everything nowadays uses gas springs. We are the only mobile service in Gauteng at the moment. Our patented mobile machine gives value for money and a no hassle service in consumer reach. We target all industries that uses gas spring applications. The application is limitless and because you are mobile, operating cost are very low.

Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
What would qualify me as a prospective franchisee?

Do you want to be the owner and operator of a Franchise? No special education is needed. Technical knowledge and understanding are required (Know which way to fasten and loosen a bolt). Some business Knowledge and skills. A go getter-attitude and willingness to work hard. The website does generate sales and traffic, but the majority of your business will be coming from you initial canvasing and continues marketing in your area. The cost of owning your own Liftfill franchise is R550 000, please click here to download the agreement.

Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
Where are the franchise opportunities?

There are queries for our services from all over South Africa and we usually courier orders to our clients around the country. We have identified 70 possible areas for franchise opportunities.

Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
Can I become a franchisee in another country?

Yes, we do have Franchise Opportunities available in other countries. Call or send us an enquiry to find out more about franchise opportunities inyour area.

Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
Will I need Training?

Yes, Initial training will be 2 days on the job training. We will supply continued training and updates, this is all included in the monthly franchise fees. Support is only a phone call away.

Gas Spring Specialists - LiftFill
Can I apply for a Franchise Opportunity without my own company?

Yes, we can help you with the process of setting up your Franchise for you.

T’s & C’s Re 2 Year warranty

  1. Warranty is only applicable on non-commercial vehicles, ie standard passenger vehicles used in normal capacity.
  2. Race cars and modifications are not covered.
  3. The warranty is only for the gas spring and does not cover any other damage.
  4. Gas springs used outside of its intended use is not covered.
  5. Gas springs used as not specified is not covered.
  6. No re-gas is covered on the warranty.
  7. Physical abuse and negligent use is not covered.
  8. Agriculture, mining and any other industrial application is not covered.