Bonnet Shock Absorber

by | Nov 30, 2020

What is the Bonnet Shock Absorber and Why Replace It?

Even if you have never had to open the engine hood of your vehicle, you still need to know which signs to look for to spot trouble and get the vehicle to a repair shop as soon as possible. Although not essential to keep the car going, the bonnet shock absorber performs an important function. You need to be able to identify when it’s worn or near the point of operational failure. We certainly don’t recommend trying to replace it yourself. This is one component best replaced by a professional, and we can help.

What is the Function of the Vehicle Shock Absorber System?

The struts, or hood shocks as they are often called, are components designed to keep the hood in shut position when you drive over bumps, support the hood in the open position, make it easier to open or close the bonnet in a controlled manner and keep it in the open position.

What Happens if the Vehicle Hood Shock Absorber System Doesn’t Function Properly?

You will hear rattling sounds when driving on a bumpy road. Of course, you can expect some rattle noises on a dirt road, but they should not come from the hood moving up and down, not even slightly. Similar struts are installed on the boot lid of an SUV or hatchback passenger vehicle as those fitted onto the engine hood. If the boot door rattles on a bumpy road, it may also be a sign of worn boot struts.

If you close the bonnet or the boot and it literally falls into the closed position rather than close in a controlled manner, it may very well be time to replace the struts. This is also true if one side hangs slightly or appears to be stuck. Replacement may, furthermore, be needed if the hood falls from the open position or struggles to stay open in the absence of a very strong wind.

Why Replace the Hood or Bonnet Shock Absorber?

It is dangerous to work under an open hood lid that can close without warning. You can expect dust and dirt particles to enter the engine or boot space, and there is also the risk of the hood or boot lid opening while driving.

Possible Issues

The bonnet shock absorber system is filled with nitrogen gas. The seals do wear out over time, causing the gas to leak out. The system can only work as it should if the unit is properly sealed. If enough gas has escaped, it doesn’t have sufficient pressure to assist with opening and keeping the lid in the open position. If it doesn’t want to open at all, something may be stuck, or all the gas may have leaked out. In most instances, only one lifter needs to be replaced, but as with new tyres, it’s best to replace the components in pairs.

Where to Get Help

If you live or work in Gauteng, you’ll be glad to know that our professional team are happy to come to your premises for on-site installation of the bonnet shock absorber system. We have a patented system and machinery, experienced technicians, and the ability to custom fit struts on just about any vehicle make or model. We provide a two-year guarantee. Get in touch for a quote and quick installation.