Boot and Bonnet Gas Lift Shocks

by | Dec 17, 2020

Why You Should Replace Boot and Bonnet Gas Lift Shocks

Gas lift shocks are the pneumatic devices that assist with the opening, closing, and keeping in place of the tailgate, boot, or bonnet of a vehicle. These devices are also for the luggage compartments of buses, camper side panels, and the canopies of campers and bakkies.

As with all other components on vehicles, frequent use, rough roads, and the years in operation cause the devices to wear out. Vehicle maintenance is usually focussed on aspects, such as shock absorbers, oil replacement, brakes, engine components, and more. It is only when visible signs of wear and tear are present or when the gas lift shocks no longer function as they should that attention is given to these important components. However, the struts, as the components are also known, perform important functions. They:

  • Keep the lid or door in the open position even in windy conditions
  • Provide for the controlled closing of the lid
  • Reduce the risk of injury because of uncontrolled slamming of the lid or door
  • Keep the lid or door in the close position
  • Ease the strain required to open a canopy door or the boot and bonnet lids

In the instance of an SUV boot door, it can take considerable strength to lift the door into its full open position as the door is heavy and large. With the gas struts fully operational, the door can be opened without having to keep your hands on it all the way through to the full open position because the shocks do the work for you.

Considering the important functions of the struts, it becomes clear why replacement is needed once one of the struts no longer functions correctly. The question is where to replace the gas lift shocks without having to wait at a service centre?

This is where our affordable and exceptionally fast mobile service comes to the rescue. We bring the replacement equipment and machinery to your premises, anywhere in Gauteng. You do not have to drive to a replacement centre because we come to you.

Our experienced technicians have the patented machines in their vehicles. Where needed, custom fits are performed, and we offer a two-year guarantee on all the gas springs we install. Made for heavy-duty work, these devices are robust in design and will last a long time. Our experience in fitting struts is impressive by any standard. We have fitted 98% of vehicle makes in South Africa. Clients range from vehicle dealerships and workshops to mines, farmers, boat owners, fleet owners, and individual car owners.

Keep the opening and closing tasks simple. Get in touch for a quote on the replacement of your vehicle’s gas lift shocks anywhere in Gauteng.