Boot Shocks and Prices

by | Sep 25, 2020

How and When to Replace Boot Shocks at an Affordable Price

Boot shocks are widely used in the vehicle industry, and for a good reason. The struts make it easier to open, close, and keep lids and hatches in place.

How They Work

The struts are nitrogen-gas pressurised to a specific level. The pressure in the shocks is what makes it possible to lift the boot lid effortlessly. Once open, the lid stays in place even in windy conditions because of the pressure in the struts. A slight push-down is all that is needed to lower and close the lid in a controlled manner.

When To Replace the Boot Shocks

If you notice a rattling sound and can see dust build-up inside the closure space, it can be indicative of worn struts. Also look for signs such as difficulty in keeping the lid in the open position, irregular movement of the lid, and lack of smoothness when opening or closing the latch.

How Easy Is It to Replace the Boot Shocks?

It is a hassle-free process if done by professionals. Incorrect fitting is dangerous as the lid-support function can be compromised. The lid can easily blow open in windy conditions or fail to stay in the maximum open position. Knowing which shocks to choose for your particular vehicle make and model, the type of latch to keep open, and the appropriate weight that must be carried is essential. To this end, our professional team is here to assist.

We have fitted boot shocks on almost every vehicle make in South Africa. Our experience ranges from fitting struts on passenger vehicles to trucks, caravans, canopies, and more. We fit patented products, designed for durability and optimal functionality. You don’t even have to bring your vehicle to us as we provide a mobile service throughout Gauteng. We ensure that the right product for your particular application is fitted. You also benefit from our customisation expertise and the two-year guarantee on the products.

Top Benefits of Making Use of Our Products and Services Include:

  • Competitive pricing.
  • Fast and convenient service throughout Gauteng.
  • On-site installation.
  • Customisation options.
  • Patented and tested products.
  • Product guarantee.
  • Durable struts.
  • Expert advice.

Our clients range from individual passenger vehicle owners to farmers, fleet owners, dealerships, vehicle repair workshops, and more. We have done installations for equipment in mining operations and the aviation industry as well. Everything from fitting struts on boats to the luggage compartments of tour buses can be done in addition to trailers, canopies, and heavy-duty farming equipment.

In Conclusion

Optimise the power and convenience of sturdy boot shocks. Get the best products for your particular application. Call us for the fast and affordable replacement of gas struts at your premises.