Gas-Filled Canopy Struts

by | Nov 3, 2020

Gas-Filled Canopy Struts – When and How to Replace Them

Whether you have a camper, caravan, SUV, boat, or bakkie, if the struts are worn, you risk the canopy latch being blown away in wind or coming down onto your head or fingers.

Canopy doors or latches can be heavy, especially on larger vehicles. The problem is that unless you are working out in the gym daily, lifting these latches or closing them without effort is not that easy without proper working struts. You want controlled movement, not a canopy door that swings open or closes without warning.

Why Replace Struts?

All components on vehicles are subjected to wear and tear. This is also true for canopy doors. Every time the door or latch is opened or closed, it works and thus gets closer to the end of its service life. If you often drive off-road with your bakkie, trailer, camper, or caravan, the vehicle is exposed to vibration. Bolts can come loose, and the dust can cause some wear on the seals. When the seals or bolts are compromised, the equipment steadily loses its functionality. Eventually, it stops working all together. As with any other components on vehicles, replacement of struts every few years may be needed to ensure optimal functionality.

How Do You Know the Struts Must Be Replaced?

Do you hear a rattle sound that is louder than usual when driving on dirt roads? Have you inspected the canopy door to determine if it is the source of the sound? A rattle sound, difficulty opening or closing, difficulty staying in the open position, suddenly closing or swinging open, and slow sliding into close position without you closing the canopy latch, are sure signs of worn struts.

What is the Solution?

Of course, replacement is the solution. However, you may not have the time to go to a fitment centre to have the struts replaced. The good news is that we come to your home or business premises and replace the gas springs or shocks at your premises. It is quick because we have professional installers and have patented equipment to make the process easier. Our workmanship is impeccable, and we can tailor fitments to your particular vehicle. Add to such the competitive prices and our two-year guarantee on gas springs, and you have no reason to wait. Get in touch for the replacement of your vehicle’s canopy struts anywhere in Gauteng.