Replacing Canopy Shocks

by | Dec 17, 2020

How to Know When it is Time to Replace Canopy Shocks

Canopy shocks may be the last thing on your mind upon unlocking the canopy door to gain access to the load space. All you can think of at that moment is to get the heavy bag you carry into a safe place, anywhere, but not in your arms. You set the opening motion in place and expect the door to swing up into the full open position in a controlled manner without having to physically assist it. Besides, you have done this countless times and have no reason to expect a different outcome.

Then, just as you get into the upright position and are ready to throw the bag into the back of the bakkie, your forehead meets the canopy door straight on. It comes as an unpleasant surprise, and an immediate sharp pain springs up behind your eyes. It is only then that you realise the door is not in the full open position. It has slowly moved down in the time it took to pick up the bag. For the first time, you realise the canopy shocks also perform the function of keeping the door in the full open position.

Sounds familiar? To avoid a similar scenario, have the shocks replaced if you notice any of the following:

  • A rattle sound from the rear of the vehicle when driving over bumps or on dirt road
  • A latch that slowly moves back to the closed position without exerting slight pressure to set it in motion
  • The latch not opening at all
  • Difficulty opening the latch, thus having to assist it rather than the lid opening to the full open position by itself
  • One side of the lid hangs
  • An unexpected quick slamming down of the latch

How it Happens

The shocks are hydro-pneumatic devices. This means they are fitted with the relatively inert nitrogen gas (at high pressure) within a sealed unit. The unit also contains a bit of lubricating oil to provide for a controlled and smooth slide motion. This provides the spring force needed to lift the heavy door and keep it in place. Without the oil, the door would simply jump open. To keep the gas and the oil where needed, the devices are fitted with extremely strong seals on the rods.

However, even something as small as a dirt particle can cause the seals to wear out. A small leak is what causes the gas and oil to escape over time. When enough gas or oil has escaped, the device can no longer perform its duty. Replacement is inevitable. Although you can replace only one rod, it is best to do it in pairs to ensure proper working and an equal lifespan.

Where to Replace?

It is more affordable and convenient than you can imagine. We offer a mobile service throughout Gauteng whereby we replace the canopy shocks at your home or business premises. The workmanship is impeccable because we have a state-of-the-art machine to make fitting precise and quick. Regardless of the vehicle’s make or model, we can do the fitting as our teams also perform custom fittings. All the gas springs come with a 24-month guarantee.

Do not delay! Get in touch for a quote and replacement of the canopy shocks to fit your schedule.