Bonnet Lifter and Warning Signs

by | Sep 30, 2020

3 Telling Signs of Worn Bonnet Lifters

Bonnet lifters are the gas-filled cylinders that facilitate easier opening and closing of the hood. In addition, the devices provide adequate weight support while the bonnet is in the open position, making it easier and safer to perform engine service or maintenance tasks.

The hood can stay open because the lift is extended. Accidental closure risk is significantly reduced because the pressure of the nitrogen in the cylinders is sufficient to keep the hood in place. Only when applying extra pressure on the hood, should it slowly close. As such, the lifters provide for a safe way to close the hood in a controlled manner as well.

Gas lifters and struts, however, do wear out over time. It is also extremely dangerous to work under a hood with inadequate support. If you are not sure whether or not it is time to replace the lifters, go through the three signs as discussed below.

  1. Bonnet Closes Without the Application of Pressure

If the hood slowly moves to the close position even after the extended lift has been applied, then you need to replace the lifters. The slow closing on its own is a sign of worn seals. The gas slowly leaks out and eventually, the lifts don’t have enough pressure to keep the hood in place. If enough gas has leaked out, the lifts will have no pressure at all, and the hood will just fall shut to the close position.

  1. Sudden Bonnet Closure Without Application of Pressure

Keep in mind that slight pressure must be applied before the hood closes. If the hood suddenly closes, it is a sign that all the gas has leaked from the cylinders. This can be an extremely dangerous situation because the hood can slam down on a person while they are working on the engine. It becomes even more dangerous when it is the hood of a large vehicle such as a truck.

  1. Bonnet Cannot Stay Open at All

This is perhaps the most obvious sign of worn support. This simply means that the seals have failed, the gas has leaked out and the support structure has been compromised. With it impossible to keep the hood open on its own, it goes without saying that the support lifts must be replaced.

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