Heavy-Duty Gas Struts

by | Sep 30, 2020

How Heavy-Duty Gas Struts Improve Latch or Bonnet Operation

Heavy-duty gas struts are hydro-pneumatic devices that make it is easier to lift, open, support, lower and close bonnets, boot, and doors. Indeed, the heavy-duty struts are filled with nitrogen and liquid, providing the required pressure to keep heavy objects in the open or lifted position. The same pressure is released in a controlled manner to allow for safe lowering or closing of a heavy object.

Various configurations, sizes and types are available. Applications range from usage in office chairs and hospital beds to bus luggage compartment latches and vehicle bonnets. From farm equipment to the latches of aeroplanes have heavy-duty gas struts for weight support, lift and movement.

The devices are designed for opposing and supporting external force to ensure controlled energy release. This results in a smooth and controlled movement of the object. Such gas struts go by names of gas lifters or springs, shocks, and dampers.

More often than not, the hood or latch support of a caravan, trailer, boat, or another type of vehicle is not strong enough to carry the weight. The result is difficulty with keeping the hood or latch open. It can also be difficult to close or lift. In such an instance, we recommend replacing the current lifters with our custom struts.

The lifters must be able to support the particular weight and must fit well to ensure optimal functionality. To this end, you will appreciate the technology that we use and our experience in custom fitting of a wide range of heavy-duty gas struts on just about all makes and models of vehicles in South Africa.

We offer a mobile service throughout Gauteng and provide a two-year guarantee on the products. Our clients range from individual vehicle owners to car dealerships, workshops, fleet owners, boat enthusiasts, aviation companies, farmers, heavy equipment providers, and mining companies. As such, we have the necessary experience and equipment to ensure professional and correct and tailored fitting of appropriate lifters on your vehicle. The convenience of having us come to you is certainly a benefit not to be overlooked.

How to Know When It Is Time to Replace Lifters

Sure signs of worn or insufficient support lifters include the slow closing of a lid/door without the added pressure and slamming down of a hood or latch on its own. A latch that doesn’t want to stay in the open position at all or doesn’t even want to open is also indicative of lifter support failure.

What to Do

Get in touch for a quote to replace the insufficient support lifts or worn dampers with our custom heavy-duty gas struts.