You Can Install Gas Struts

by | Feb 2, 2021

How You Can Install Gas Struts and Grow Your Business

If you want to start your own business, why not make use of our franchise opportunities for installing gas struts? If there is one thing to be taken away from 2020 then it is that things can change quickly. You need a business model that can work in all circumstances. An essential service makes it possible to operate even during strict lockdown periods.

Rear hatch gas springs, bonnet struts and canopy lifters are essential components to ensure the safer and more convenient lifting, closing, and positioning of the bonnet, boot, canopy, and doors on vehicles. This also true for boats, buses, tractors, campers, and trucks. You thus have an ever-expanding market. We already provide a trusted mobile service throughout Gauteng, with clients ranging from private vehicle owners to workshops, dealerships, mines, farmers, and vehicle fleet owners.

What Makes This Opportunity Perfect?

You deliver a mobile service whereby you fit the components at the client’s premises. As such, you are not office-bound. You need basic technical knowledge and a bakkie or vehicle as the patented system is loaded onto your vehicle to allow for quick and quality replacement of worn gas struts on the client’s vehicle. With our franchise model, you benefit from our support, the usage of a patented system, quality products, and a trusted brand name. It is a business model that allows for operation during lockdown periods. This means your ability to generate income is not limited.

Large Market and Superb Potential for Growth

The market is ever-growing. Most modern vehicles are fitted with gas struts. These components do wear out over time, especially if the vehicle is driven on dirt roads. However, non-replacement of the bonnet or boot shocks makes the usage of the canopy, boot, bonnet, or door unsafe. It is thus a vehicle component that must be replaced if worn. This provides you with a given market. We provide a two-year guarantee on all the gas struts that we install. As such, you will install quality products, which also leads to word-of-mouth recommendations.

You receive two days of training, and we help you set-up the business. You can even join the franchise family if you are in another country. We handle national marketing and branding, giving the service superb exposure. You have the opportunity to build and expand your own client base. Considering that from mines to food truck owners, boat enthusiasts, off-road campers and the likes all make use of the custom fitting service, and you can see how you can expand your reach.

How to Get Started

View our franchise opportunities section and get in touch if you want to own a business that installs quality gas struts on all vehicle makes and models.