Worn Bonnet Gas Shocks

by | Feb 2, 2021

Common Signs of Worn Bonnet Gas Shocks: Know When It is Time to Replace the Struts

Bonnet gas shocks make it easier to open, close and keep the hood in place without a lever or effort. However, over time these shocks become worn and must be replaced for the safety of the vehicle user or person who needs to maintain the vehicle. But how do you know when it is time to replace the bonnet shocks?

Bonnet Slowly Moves into the Close Position Without Help

If the hood lifter has a gas leak, it loses pressure within the cylinder. A leak can develop if the seal is worn or broken. If the lifter loses enough pressure, then the strut will no longer be able to hold up the weight of the hood. This causes the hood to slowly slide to the close position.

Bonnet or Latch Suddenly Slams Down or Close

As explained earlier, the enclosed cylinder has gas in it. A broken seal causes the gas to leak out. If there is no longer sufficient pressure in the cylinder it cannot operate. This causes the strut support to collapse. It is a dangerous situation as the bonnet can come down on you while you are checking the coolant or oil level of the vehicle.

Bonnet or Hood Doesn’t Want to Open at All

If the situation has progressed enough then there is not enough gas to push out the metal lift. This can cause the hood to stay in the lock position.

Hood or Latch Slides Down on the One Side

It is the same problem as described where there is still enough gas in to allow for operation, but not enough to keep the weight of the door, latch or hood up. However, only one strut has been worn, causing the one side of the hood to slide down while the other strut works overtime in keeping the hood end on that side in the open position. However, as with vehicle tyres, you don’t replace just one of the front tyres. You do both at the same time. This is also true for the bonnet shocks.

What to Do?

Don’t delay in getting the struts replaced. Leaving the situation can cause a sudden slam down and injury. In addition, you risk not being able to open the hood with ease. The shocks do wear out over time. Replacement should provide you with several more years of service.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned, give us a call for convenient replacement of your vehicle’s bonnet gas shocks at your home or business address. We provide the service throughout Gauteng to private vehicle owners, businesses, mines, fleet owners, boat owners and vehicle dealerships. It is quick, effective, and affordable. Give us a call for quality replacement of struts at an affordable price.