Heavy Duty Gas Struts

by | Jun 24, 2020

Heavy Duty Gas Struts to Make Opening and Closing of Doors Easier

It is hard to imagine adjustable office chairs, forklift operator seats, and even vehicle boot hatches before the invention of heavy duty gas struts. Before heavy duty nitrogen gas struts were invented, the hatches of canopies, caravans and even the boots of cars required a bit of strength to open and keep in place. This also posed the risk of a hatch closing with force because of the wind or being blown open wide enough to cause strain on the brackets that keep it open.

Fortunately, the advances in technology have made it possible to create mechanisms that allow for more controlled movement of the hatches and doors. This is possible because of compressed nitrogen gas and strong spring or strut systems, in addition to correct lubrication. Different types and sizes are available according to the application need.

The struts work in much the same way as a bicycle pump. The hydro-pneumatic pressure pushes the rod back out, and slight pressure is needed to push it in. It provides for a smooth and controlled movement. Once in the out position, it stays in place until a slight force is exerted and then it slides back. Nitrogen is a relatively inert gas and thus safe to use in these heavy duty struts.


Our heavy duty shocks are used in the mining industry, by large truck operations, caravan owners, boat owners, and the likes. We replace worn or broken boot or bonnet shocks, fit strong 4×4-camper struts, and more. Whether you need a replacement or simply want a stronger mechanism to ensure safe opening and closure of heavy doors or latches, you can rely on us for quality services and products that last.

Why Choose LiftFill?

With extremely strong components, installation expertise, and years of experience, we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. Our mobile services are available throughout Gauteng, and we go to client premises to fit these heavy duty gas struts. We have been in operation for more than six years, and our components fit 98% of the vehicle market in South Africa. Our clients include mines, vehicle dealerships, spare-part shops, and private vehicle owners. With our two-year product guarantees, you have the assurance of quality materials and workmanship.

View our demonstration video for a better understanding of how the heavy duty gas struts work and use our online form or call us to get a quote.