The Basics of Gas Lift Shocks for Vehicles

by | Jun 24, 2020

The Basics of Gas Lift Shocks for Vehicles

Gas lift shocks or springs are hydro-pneumatic devices that are fitted onto a number of vehicle components. These include boat latches, caravan or canopy hatches, and boots and bonnets of vehicles. They are also fitted to doors to help open and close and to keep latches, canopies, and doors in place.

Think of the lift shocks as powerful arms, able to raise hatches in a controlled manner. These same struts or springs are strong enough to prevent accidental closing or opening of a hatch. In essence, the gas lift shocks reduce the strain it takes to open or close a door or to lift a heavy hatch such as the cargo hatch of a bus.

The mechanisms are versatile. As such, the devices are used for adjustable chairs and tables as well. Opening a large door and keeping it from closing is easier when the door is fitted with a gas lift strut. With these in place, one can easily open the hood of a truck or keep a panel open. It comes down to controlled opening and closure, reduction in strain and easier movement.

How These Lift Shocks Work

In easy-to-understand terms, these gas shocks rely on pressured nitrogen in a cylinder and a lubricant to oppose or support the exertion of force. The compressed gas is what allows for the smooth and cushioned movement of the latch, hatch, or door. These mechanisms are also known by names such as dampers, rams, or struts. However, each of the words refers to a specific part of the system. For the most part, vehicle-spare-parts consultants know the client refers to the entire system.

The compressed gas is what provides for enough strength to push out the rod or spring even if it is an extremely heavy door that must be lifted. It is also what provides for enough resistance to prevent the door or latch from closing on its own. Knowing which types work best for specific applications may not be all that easy. However, when you make use of our products and installation services in Gauteng, you don’t have to be concerned with the details of how the mechanisms work and which ones to select for the particular application. We have the expertise to measure, weigh, and calculate the required force, length, and type.

We offer a mobile service throughout Gauteng. As such, we are able to do the installation at your home or specific business premises. Our clients range from private vehicle owners to fleet owners, dealerships, mines, and spare-part shops. We offer a two-year guarantee on our products. View our demonstration video to get an understanding of how these nitrogen gas shocks work and get in touch for a quote.