Inside Look at Bonnet Gas Shocks

by | May 27, 2021

An Inside Look: Bonnet Gas Shocks and Why Replace Them?

If you open your vehicle’s bonnet, you will notice it opening smoothly and kind of slowly. If not, the gas shocks may be worn, or your vehicle is not fitted with the modern and so convenient gas-filled supporters.

In both instances, don’t stay stuck with the inconvenience. Have them replaced at an affordable price at your business or home premises. But more on that just now. First, let’s discover the wonder of bonnet shocks.

Reason for the Slow Movement

These units have closed cylinder systems that contain pistons. The design makes it possible for unobstructed flow of a liquid or gas inside the closed cylinder around the piston. Various designs exist, with some making it possible for faster fluid flow when the spring inside moves in a particular direction. In this instance, the fluid will move slower when the spring moves in the other direction.

Too Technical?

Put in easy and understandable terms – when the piston is compressed, a valve is closed. This makes it possible for fluid to move around the piston at a slow pace. This slows down the speed of piston movement. Once the piston is no longer compressed, it moves in the opposite direction, and the valve opens. This allows for more fluid to move around the piston.

Still Too Technical?

Let’s consider what the bonnet gas shocks do for you. For one, these components do the muscle lift work for you. Instead of you having to exert excessive energy to open the lid, you can have the shocks do the activity for you. Once the bonnet is in the open position, the pressure inside the cylinder keeps it there. You don’t have to keep it open. When it comes to closing, you have the convenience of a controlled closure instead of a heavy metal object coming down with extreme force, ready to crush anything in its way.

Get Professional Help in Replacing the Bonnet Gas Shocks

Now you know why your vehicle needs proper working bonnet gas shocks. If your vehicle’s struts don’t operate as they should, don’t waste time. Replace them immediately. Of course, it can be dangerous to drive with the worn struts since they also act to keep the lid in a secure close position.

So, what can you do?

Let our trained technicians come to you. We bring the equipment, the components you order and the expertise to your home or business. We have fitted countless bonnet gas shocks at dealerships, vehicle repair shops, mines and residential homeowners. Our prices are competitive, and we offer guarantees. If you live in Gauteng, you are in luck as we are here to help solve the problem. Get in touch for a quote.