Vehicle Boot Gas Struts

by | May 27, 2021

Gas Struts – The Components that Make it Easier to Open and Close the Vehicle Boot

Have you ever attempted to lift the boot or hatch lid with just using one finger? Think it’s not possible? The truth is that if the boot or bonnet gas struts work as they should, technically, you should be able to open and lift the lid without effort.

Want to Know Why?

The gas struts are filled with; you guessed it – gas. The very design makes it possible for these supports to help you lift a heavy metal object without effort. They also keep the object in an open position. To close the lid in a controlled manner, all you need to do is to give it a slight push from the top.

Suppose the hatch or trunk lid didn’t have gas-filled springs. You would have had to use your muscle power to open the heavy lid, and keeping it open would have been a struggle. You would have needed some kind of support. In the past, the lids did have a type of metal support, but these were on the clumsy side, and to be blunt – not to be trusted.

Fortunately, technology developed over the years. The struts didn’t make it to the top of the priority list for vehicle design enhancements, but eventually, someone noticed that filling a cylinder type component with an inert gas could help with the support of a heavy metal object. From that day forward, vehicle owners’ lives became more comfortable, especially ones who owned bakkies with canopies, caravans, campers, and yes, bus operators who have to open the luggage compartments.

Perhaps we skipped the part where some vehicles still feature simple spring systems for easing the opening and closing part of a hatch or bonnet lid. If your vehicle still has it, choose convenience. Go with the modern gas struts.

What If the Struts Don’t Work Anymore?

Although these components are made to last almost a lifetime, they do become worn with time if you drive off-road often or if something caused the seals to become worn – some even faster than others. The good news is that you don’t have to sell your vehicle because of it. Simply replace these supports and the rattle sound can be something of the past. Of course, the convenience factor returns and you can safely open and close the bonnet, boot or canopy latch with the least amount of muscle.

Replacing the supports is easier than you think

Even if you are not the next technical master of the town, you can replace the supports. How? Simply by getting in touch with our experts. We bring convenience, technical expertise, components and machinery to your premises. You don’t have to bring your vehicle to a fitment centre and wait.

Instead, let us come to you wherever you are located in Gauteng. We have fitted gas struts on just about every vehicle make and model in South Africa. Our patented machine makes the task straightforward and safe. Get in touch for a quote today.