Motion Control with Car Bonnet Shocks

by | Sep 30, 2020

How to Improve Motion Control with Car Bonnet Shocks

Does your vehicle still have the old-style opening and closing devices? Do you still use a lever to provide mechanical support for the car bonnet when it is in the open position? Do you long for a bit more convenience and safety when having to change the oil or add cooling fluid? If so, you will appreciate how car bonnet shocks help to improve motion control and support in lifting and keeping the hood up.

How Do Bonnet Shocks Work?

In the simplest terms, the shocks consist of cylinders filled with a nitrogen and lubrication liquid combination to improve motion control. The gas provides the necessary pressure for sufficient resistance to external forces. If the hood is in the open position, the gas shocks provide resistance to keep the heavy weight of the hood in place.

You don’t need a mechanical lever to keep the hood open. When you want to close it simply give a bit of pressure to get a controlled and smooth downwards motion. Gone are the days of uncontrolled slamming of the hood, which can cause serious injury if a hand or finger gets in the way.

The car hood shocks also help with the smooth upwards lifting of the hood. You most certainly don’t need a strong arm to get the hood up, since the gas pressure pushes the weight up.

Explained in another way, the struts work in a way similar to that of a cycle pump. The air inside the pump cylinder pushes the lever out. To push it back in, you have to apply slight pressure.

Main Advantages of Heavy-Duty Car Bonnet Struts

The main advantages include:

  • Easier lifting of a heavy hood, making it possible for a person of a small physique to open the hood in a safe and controlled manner.
  • Preventing the hood from slamming down by keeping it in the open position.
  • No need for unstable levers that can slip out, causing the hood to slam down.
  • Significant reduction in the risk of the hood being blown off during windy conditions when in the open position.
  • Controlled closure of the hood without requiring excessive force or strength to keep it from slamming into a locked position.

How to Know When the Car Bonnet Shocks Must Be Replaced

Worn struts suffer from leaks at the seals and lost or loose bolts. If the hood slowly moves down when in the open position without putting slight pressure on it to close it, then gas is leaking from the seals. If the hood unexpectedly slams down, it means enough pressure has been lost to cause complete failure of the shocks. If the hood is difficult to open or it cannot stay in the open position at all, it is a sure sign that you must replace the car bonnet struts.

Where to Get Help

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