Canopy Shocks Installations

by | Jun 23, 2020

Quality Canopy Shocks Installed at Your Premises in Gauteng

Whether you need canopy shocks or gas springs for a vehicle’s bonnet, you cannot afford to compromise on quality. Poor quality materials show signs of wear and tear early on. Indeed, you can expect rattling sounds, improper closure, and the risk of the canopy door blowing open or shut simply because of poor quality gas shocks.

To this end, you will appreciate our reputation for excellence, proven by our track record. When it comes to gas springs or canopy shocks, our products fit 98% of the vehicle market in South Africa. Our products carry a two-year guarantee, indicative of our commitment to quality products and installations. The question is, which canopy struts will work best for your vehicle? Below are a few guidelines to follow in the selection of struts.

Weigh the Hatch

You first need to know the weight that must be lifted and held in place. This will help to determine the force required for lifting and keeping the hatch in place.

How Far Must the Hatch Open?

Knowing the answer will help you determine the length requirement. Fortunately, when you make use of our services, we do the measurements. As such, you have the assurance that the product we install will fit perfectly, be strong enough to carry the weight, have enough force for easy lifting, support of the hatch, and be durable enough to last for years.

No task is too complicated for our team. Our experience includes projects such as struts for a Porsche bonnet, boot shocks for a Ford Capri, and several installations on hatches for vehicles with complex bracket systems. With our expertise, we are able to modify brackets and systems to ensure the perfect fitting without compromise on strength, aesthetic appeal, and functionality.

Our firm has a history dating back to 2013 when the founder developed a patented system to allow for the supplying of new gas springs to address a gap in the vehicle-spares market. Within six years, our product and service offering has grown so popular that we now service the entire Gauteng region through a mobile-service offering.

Clients include the likes for private vehicle owners, spare shops, vehicle dealers, mining companies, engineering service providers, and operators in the civil-aviation industry. Whether you need canopy shocks as a private client or as a vehicle dealer, you can rely on us for affordable, quick, and professional service delivery in Gauteng.