Caravan Gas Struts

by | May 28, 2020

How Caravan Gas Struts and Springs Improve Camping Adventures in South Africa

Adventure trips are integral to the outdoor lifestyle that many South Africans enjoy. Modern caravans provide comfortable living spaces, making outdoor living a sheer pleasure on adventure trips. The advances in gas struts and springs make it possible to venture on dirt roads and camping trips without requiring excessive force to open or close doors or hatches and thereby improving the comfort levels on outdoor adventure trips.

We provide a wide range of shocks and springs in addition to the same types of products being available for canopies and trailers.

How Caravan Gas Struts Work

The struts are shock-absorbing systems, containing nitrogen and oil for lubrication. Springs in the struts help to absorb the impact energy from potholes and bumps. The entire system works together to absorb initial shock and vibrations after impact. With fitted caravan struts, off-road campers can venture across mountains and enjoy wild and unspoiled coastal roads with confidence as their caravans have superb shock absorption fitted for stable rides.

How Caravan Gas Springs Work

In addition to shocks for caravans, we supply gas springs for the doors, hatches, stove lids, canopy systems, and more. The springs work with nitrogen pressure to help support or oppose the application of external force. As such, latches that would otherwise be difficult to open can be opened with ease. The springs also help to keep the open latches in place. Controlled closing is possible, specifically because of the spring systems. Nitrogen in the springs provides for high force, making motion control easier.

Why This System?

Unlike mechanical units relying on elastic deformation, the gas in the cylinder and spring systems is compressed. The energy is stored and can withstand the application of external force exceptionally well. An example of use is the boot latch of a hatchback vehicle where the hatch can be lifted with ease in a controlled manner. Once open, it stays open, and a gentle exertion of force from the top is all that is needed to bring it to a controlled close. The same types of hatches are often used in canopies, removing the risk of a hatch being flung open in an uncontrolled manner or blown closed by the wind.

We recommend watching our video for an illustration of how the systems work. Contact us for product information and quotes if you need replacement caravan gas struts or springs. We do installations across Gauteng.